MyDigitalSSD 32GB Super Cache mSATA SSD Review


Last but not least, I thought we might look at Intel RST as many might consider this SSD for their desktop system.  I will admit that I am not a fan of RST as it doesn’t provide installation simplicity to the typical user as it should.  A required ‘fresh install’ of your OS is never an enjoyable task much less the knowledge required to dig into your BIOS settings to change your system to RAID mode from AHCI.

Our testing comprised of before and after performance benchmarks of our Samsung 1.5TB SSD and we definitely  saw noticeable results.  In my opinion though, it would make much better sense to utilize the SSD as a boot disk and the hard drive as a data disk and significantly better visible results would be observed.





Our CDM results will be shown with the HDD alone on the left and cached HDD on the right.  Lets see if you can pick out the key factor  with respect to visible upgrade in these results.

If you examined the low 4k results closely, you were dead on as the cached result is about 30 times faster than the HDD alone.  Granted, RST did show evident improvement in transfer speeds, however, following our SSD Optimization Guide after a fresh install onto the 32GB SSD would have shown significantly better performance.


  1. how do you explain that write transfer rate through the cache is better than direct access to HDD? since anyhow the data has to be written to HDD, the performance is based on the Weakest point, i.e the HDD tyhroughput? (may be i write here spupidities but since I am not an expert, I take the chance…

    • Whether people care to believe so or not, much synthetic testing actually mimics reality. In the case of the HDD vs the cached HDD, it is particularly so. First and foremost, the cached HDD starts and shuts down considerably faster than the regular HDD. This is because the large cache retains frequently used information for access quickly, much as a carpenter secures his tools in a locked room or a new home rather than out in his truck. The tools are quicker to retrieve and, therefore, the work gets done quicker. The cached HDD is much the same and the beauty of this system is that, even in typical use, the cached HDD is visibly quicker in all applications than the regualr HDD. Hope this helps.

  2. Gna buy the lenovo thinkpad twist!
    Plan to use iTunes quite frequently due to my iOS devices
    It has a 7200rpm 500gb hdd+24gb mSATA
    Will it load fast?

  3. I have a Lenovo y580 without any ssd and its motherboard does not support SRT. It only has an empty msata slot and i am planning to buy a small ssd(32gb or 64gb) for caching. Does the mydigital super cache already have a caching software in its firmware or do we have to install a third party software. Also which cashing software (available to the consumer) would you recommend?

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