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and help us deliver the absolute best in SSD and technology news and reviews to the Web!

The SSD Review is the worlds leading solid state drive education, news and reviews resource and reaches millions annually on all four corners of the world.

Be a part of a team environment where we do what we do simply because we love it!

My name is Les Tokar and I founded The SSD Review in 2010 with the sole intentions of helping out those new to the SSD world in their quest to learn about solid state drives.  I try my best to write at a level that we all understand and with the intent that I can hold your interest from beginning to end.  Our Associate Editor is my wife Karen and, regardless of how far away team members may reside, we will always be a family business.

We have been very fortunate this past year to meet some great people, travel around the world and also learn how great business in the world of SSDs truly is. 

We are in a position to add to our family and can offer worldwide recognition, satisfaction in what you are doing, compensation and, quite possibly, travel as the icing on the cake.


Managing Editor

Our Managing Editor will be responsible for the day to day activities of the site to include discovery of content, site maintenance, hardware acquisition, article compilation and publishing, working with team members as well as editorial duties with respect to team members.  This will be a paid position and the incumbent will work hand in hand with myself at all times.  Applicants must be experienced and will have to understand the site, from all angles, in order to function in full capacity.  We are a growing business and this position is not intended as a full time opportunity, however, we are interested in submission of education, experience, and any contract expectations one might have.


We are seeking columnists to assist with the day to day publishing of content for the site. As a columnist, you will be responsible to submit stories which tie into the world of SSDs and your stories may be quick one page releases as we normally publish daily or multi-page thoroughly investigated reports where you may be compensated for your work.  This will start as an intern position, however, if it shows that your ability is of sincere benefit, you will be compensated accordingly.

Hardware Reviewer

Hardware Reviewers must possess two qualities in that, they need to be well versed at technology such as SSDs and computer hardware and, as well, they must be able to translate their findings into an interesting and easily understood report.  That is the bread and butter of what we do here and this is a great example of how creativity can change a simple report to something that is read by tens of thousands worldwide.  Hardware reviewers may be afforded opportunities to travel worldwide and may be compensated through hardware retention or pre-arranged compensation.


You do not need to be an SSD expert to be a part of our team.  The above are only a few of the positions we are entertaining but are not, by any means, the limit.  If you have an idea, thought or believe that there is some way that you can contribute to the site, please let us know at  Who knows, next year you may find yourself flying around the world, meeting great people and seeing things that you never believed possible, just as we have.


  • Becoming Part Of A Team That Love What They Do
  • Developing Skills that Will Create Limitless Opportunity
  • Writing and Publishing of Your Work To A Worldwide Audience
  • Receiving Hardware Well Ahead of Its Release to the Public
  • International Travel (CES – Las Vegas/CEBit – Germany/Computex – Taiwan)
  • Product Retention and/or Payment For Service

At the end of the day, our people are sought worldwide for their skills and abilities and have every opportunity of learning and creating a lifestyle to their design, from their home and with every door open to ensure a very successful future doing things others would only dream of.


If you believe that you fit the criteria for any of these positions, please submit your resume, along with a letter that will help us understand how you can build our team, commitment level offered as well as compensation suggestions for your service , in PDF format, to  All paid opportunities will be done through contract where team members are paid for their work.

If you are new to the game and want a place to start, please understand that I knew nothing of websites, writing, publishing, and running a website two years ago.  This is your opportunity, as well, and we offer you equal opportunity to develop your skills, become a contributing member of a great team, and also to create an e-resume that can’t be compared to elsewhere.  Remember, millions annually will read your work and it will be picked up by hundreds of sites worldwide within seconds of release.  Send your resume and thoughts to


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    I have an architectural background, but I am a computer “enthusiast” and “gamer” for over 15 years. I don’t have any fancy computer degrees, but I do understand the real world applications of hardware. What I don’t know, I do my research to find out…and through countless hours of trial and error, have developed a good grasp of the issues that average users face everyday. Technology advances so fast and the landscape changes, leaving most behind. I want to show people what they can do to keep up! This is what drives my passion for technology. What makes me unique, is my common sense perspective and interests in so many other hobbies. I’m not a computer “geek” (no disrespect), because I’m frankly not as smart. I do love how things work and how people can enjoy their systems on any budget. I can ramble on, but I just wanted to know if I had a chance to fit in as a team member?

  2. blank

    Pink Flamingo! Les just found the site. I got my 1st SSD 2 months ago. Are you doing this full time or are you still an officer?
    I have the Samsung 830 256GB and I love it. Fast fast fast 530MBs/430MBs. My UX32VD came with 24GB Sandisk. 365MBs/80MBs not so fast writes but hey nice reads. I am now going to go read the whole site.
    Good job Les!

  3. blank

    Hey Les i’m from Brazil, i’m a graduated computer Engineer i’ve been testing SSDs for a few years, i have a YouTube channel and i’m the creator of the Techpowerup SSD Database. But i’ve followed this website for years now. I’d love to have the opportunity to write in depth reviews in here.
    You guys are hiring for consumer/enterprise SSD reviews?

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