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Lexar Professional NM800 Pro SSD Review

Up on the Test Bench today we have the latest and greatest from Lexar, the Lexar Professional NM800 Pro NVMe SSD.  This SSD has a very compact heatsink which makes it the perfect addition to a Sony Playstation 5 gaming system.  Let’s add to that the fact that the makeup of this SSD isn’t your run of the mill copycat …

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KIOXIA XG8 Gen 4 2TB SSD Review – The Best in OEM Storage

A rather unfortunate and all too common thing we have seen throughout the years is substandard third party components within electronic equipment.  A perfect example might be a storage device in a laptop where, most often, the SSD choice has been poorly thought out by the company.  We have posted a lot of notebook and Ultrabook reviews throughout the years …

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Ironkey Vault Privacy 80ES Hardware-Encrypted External SSD Review

Without a doubt, the most costly criminal loss to society today is through data loss.  Billions doesn’t accurately reflect the total loss worldwide and, as a matter of fact, we are certain that there would be a single instance where more than a billion dollars of return has moved through a single criminals crypto account.  And nobody is immune.  From …

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