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Crucial M4 128GB SATA 3 SSD Breaks $1/GB Barrier

It has been a long time coming but seeing SSDs break that $1/GB barrier is becoming pretty common these days. In fact, yesterday, Amazon sold out of the M4 128GB SATA 3 SSD at $128.99 so what did they do?  They dropped the price to $124.99 and increased availability significantly. If you were ever on the fence with respect to …

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IO-Data Announces SSDN-3TB SSDs With New Toshiba SATA 3 SSD Controller

IO-Data, well known for its myriad storage products, has announced their latest SSD model, SSDN-3TB. Built around a new Toshiba 6Gbps storage controller, it will deliver read and write speeds of up to 480 MB/s and 350MB/s respectively. In addition, random performance is pegged at 73k IOPS for reads and 58k IOPS when it comes to writes. Initially available in …

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Marvell Releases SATA 3 88SS9187 SSD Controller – Promises Low Power and 500MB/s Speeds For Ultras

Marvell was the first to enter the SATA 3 SSD market by several months.  The Crucial C300 used the first SATA III Marvell processor as early as mid-2010. Since that time, there several manufacturers have used the Marvell controller, and with great success. No stranger to enterprise needs, Marvell controllers have also been used to equal success in enterprise flash …

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Examining The SSD Industry – Researching The Controller or Processor

If NAND flash is the fuel, than a controller is the engine. This article takes a look at controller and firmware, it’s importance, and the players that “Own the Controller”. The first debate is what’s more important, the controller itself, or the firmware that drives it? While a debatable issue, we can certainly agree that one does not work without the other. Further, significant Intellectual Property …

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Micron Buys U.K. Based Virtensys Ltd. For PCIe SSD Solutions


The PCIe SSD based storage market is getting quite popular these days. Micron already has a PCIe SSD on the market, but their acquisition of U.K. company Virtensys on Friday should help them keep up with other PCIe SSD rivals like Fusion-io and OCZ. Virtensys Ltd. specializes in PCIe I/O sharing appliances for large server and owns intellectual property to help share …

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Crucial Releases Firmware Fix For 5200 Hour Bug

Crucial released a new firmware upgrade today for Crucial M4 SSD owners to prevent occurrences of the 5200 hour bug. The firmware can be found here and applies to all capacities of the Crucial M4 SSD.  The bug itself would affect the m4 through an incorrect response to the SMART counter after 5184 hours of power on time and the …

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