Crucial M4 128GB SATA 3 SSD Breaks $1/GB Barrier

It has been a long time coming but seeing SSDs break that $1/GB barrier is becoming pretty common these days.

In fact, yesterday, Amazon sold out of the M4 128GB SATA 3 SSD at $128.99 so what did they do?  They dropped the price to $124.99 and increased availability significantly. If you were ever on the fence with respect to getting an SSD, jump off because the dog days of SSDs are here!

The time to sit and wait for SSD prices to drop further is passed and, quite frankly, an SSD will breath new life into any hard drive based computer.  To see your system go from starting at the two minute mark to fifteen seconds alone is reason enough don’t we think?

If you are still sitting on the fence and have questions, look up and jump into our SSD Forums for help as we have some of the best in the business lurking there.  If you are just a bit tempted, check the price of this out:

Crucial 128GB SSD For $124.99

If you check out the 256GB, you will see it goes for $248.99 which is under the $1/GB threshols as well! Better Jump Before Their Gone!



  1. blank

    for us real nuts about SSDs this is great. my first 8 ssd array cost me four grand, for only 30 GB for each ssd. that was only a few years ago!
    Now, yoiu can get a 8 member array of 128 gb each for around one grand!

  2. blank

    My first 1 Gb SCSI HD set me back $640 back in ’94. Now it’s under $1 for 1Gb fast NAND. I love the evolution of technology.

  3. blank

    it will be $99 in 2 weeks

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