Crucial Releases M4 SATA 3 mSATA SSDs Into The Wild

It’s been some time in the making but Crucial has finally released it’s new M4 SATA 3 mSATA SSD into the SSD arena.

Available in capacities of 32, 64, 128 and 256GB, Crucial has priced to compete with MSRP listings of $52.99, $80.99, $121.99 and $225.99 which brings the upper capacities under that infamous $1/GB barrier and makes their pricing hard to beat.  Crucial SSDs also come with a standard three year warranty.

The Crucial M4 is the twin of the Micron C400 that we reviewed and awarded Editor’s Choice a short time back but hold the press!  We just received a 256GB Crucial/Micron product in the mail not ten minutes ago and should have it on the bench shortly.  Stay tuned for our detailed analysis of their top capacity mSATA SSD in the next few days and these shots are just a quick peak!


“With the rapid growth in ultrathin laptops and the adoption of smaller system builds, consumers are increasingly in need of SSD performance in a smaller form factor. The Crucial m4 mSATA is designed for users who want the flexibility that a micro-sized SSD offers,” said Robert Wheadon, senior worldwide product manager, Crucial. “In a form factor that’s about a third the size of your business card, the Crucial mSATA SSD can also be used as a standalone SSD or as a cache for an existing drive.”

Check Out Crucial M4 mSATA SSDs at Amazon!blank


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    I thought this drive has been available to buy for almost 2 months now, or at least a price comparison site has prices for that long ago.

    • blank

      The Crucial m4 retail version has yet to hit store shelves except for very limited supplies in Europe a week or so ago. The Micron C400 has been available for a few months for oem and enterprise purchase, but not consumer.

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    Any idea where we can find these guys? I’ve been searching the web for weeks and there’s not a single mSata SSD drive in the 128/256gig range that can be bought for a reasonable price, massive shortages?

    And if not the Cruicials, how about any high capacity mSata SSDs 🙁

    My new GE60 is crying with its platter drive….double 🙁 🙁

  3. blank

    Isn’t it this drive? [url][/url]? If it is, then is it available for months now.

  4. blank

    This one and the MyDigital Smart 256GB both became available to me today. The MyDigital is going to roughly be about $80 more for me here in Europe. The question is if a normal user will notice any difference

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