Crucial M4 SSDs Hit Record Low Pricing – 512GB Below Price of Most 256GB SSDs

Crucial and Amazon appear to have gone on the offensive in SSD pricing with prices as low as 77 cents per GB today, something that hasn’t been even considered in a top tier SSD yet.

We might have expected this from lesser caliber SSD that has not had the popularity of the M4, but in the M4’s time on the market, it has proven to be one of the best and most reliable SSDs available.  We don’t think many have even imagined getting a 512GB SSD for the price of a 256GB one.

At a record low of $399 for the 512GB version, however, the consumer finally has every reason to seriously consider that move from hard drive to SSD now and to even add the additional storage with the significant performance boost.  Pries for all capacities are as follows:

The prices for the 256GB and 512GB versions are, not only the lowest we have ever seen but also, we don’t think that many manufacturers will be able to match such in hopes of healthy competition.  Crucial/Micron’s definite advantage here is that they manufacture the NAND flash memory used for storage within each SSD and memory prices are dropping, lead by Crucial it seems.

All prices shown above are direct links and if you are on the hunt for the complete transition kit, they can be found here:

Crucial M4 Solid State Drive Transfer Kit


  1. blank

    With 20nm and 19nm nand around the corner, this next 6 months will be the financial pivot point that will finally push ssd uptake to the next level.

    • blank

      i agree, probably will wait till end of this year or next year, simply no point getting it now. ive seen sandisk extreme 240gb version go as low as 199 on sales and its much faster than crucial M4

  2. blank

    Once all the good 120/128GB ssd boot drives hit $99 normal price, world + dog will be ready to upgrade.

  3. blank

    Wouldn’t wait too long, the new Crucial will be released soon with the 9187 controller, due around July / August.


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