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Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review – The U Stand

THE U STAND With the accessories out of the way, let’s get to the U Stand itself. It sports a nice perforated matte-black finish over a sleek aluminum base which is nice and cool to the touch: Right off the bat, you will notice a grip-strip at the top of the U Stand. This can be stripped off and placed in different …

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Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review- Final Words and Conclusion


FINAL WORDS AND CONCLUSION Cooler Master really hit the nail with their newest introduction into the Notepal series. The U Stand adopts much from coolers in the same family, such as the U2 and U3, while brining new improvements to the game. The U Stand offers a plethora of height options, excellent cooling performance, and a solid base of features. …

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Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review – Features and Specifcations

FEATURES AND SPECIFICATIONS Patented Configurable Cooling Fans Two patented 100mm silent fans are included and placed underneath the aluminum surface. These fully configurable fans can be used to pinpoint to the hottest areas of your laptop (i.e. CPU, HDD) for unsurpassed cooling performance. Ergonomic design Five different height settings showcase the ergonomically design for best viewing/typing angles which  allows you …

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Patriot Wildfire SATA 3 SSD Performance Testing – WEI and AS SSD

WIN7 EXPERIENCE INDEX The Win7 Experience Index (WEI) represents Microsofts method of rating computer systems and, more specific to our usage, provides a storage evaluation through a graduated rating system up to 7.9 on pc components and the system as a whole. This benchmark is built into Windows and anyone can use it by simply typing: Go to Win Orb/All …

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