KIOXIA Is Headed to Space – RM Value SAS and XG NVMe SSDs Enhance HPE SBC-2 International Space Station

You have to know that your product is a trusted one when it is requested for an International Space Station!

Such is the case with KIOXIA who will be front and center in HPE (Hewlett Packard Enterprise) Edgeline and Proline servers aboard the HPE Spaceborne Computer-2 (SBC-2) program International Space Station soon enough.

Designed to perform various high-performance computing tasks in space, including real-time image processing, deep learning, and scientific simulations, the HPE SBC-2 utilizes a combination of HPE’s edge computing solutions, including the HPE Edgeline Converged Edge System, a rugged and compact system, and the HPE ProLiant server for high-performing capabilities. The HPE SBC-2 targets a range of workloads and has already helped advance progress in healthcare, image processing, natural disaster recovery, 3D printing, 5G, AI, and more.


As a sponsor of the HPE SBC-2, KIOXIA has provided flash-based SSDs, including KIOXIA RM Series Value SAS and KIOXIA XG Series NVMe™ SSDs, to enable these solutions. These flash-based SSDs are better-suited than traditional hard disk drive storage to withstand the power, performance and reliability requirements of outer space, as they have no moving parts, are less susceptible to electromagnetic waves and provide faster performance.


On a very personal level, what we know as KIOXIA today has been part of our family from the beginning and we are very proud to have watched KIOXIA and the industry grow.  Check out our latest review of  the KIOXIA PCIe 4.0 XG8 NVMe SSD Review as it moves data at over over 7GB/s in a storage SSD the size of a stick of gum.  It has been going on four years now since we have been able to get a shot such as this.  Let’s make this year a year of change.



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    I have known this place of knowledge for some years and I was sad when the blog stopped being updated. A few months ago I discovered that the site appeared with a new look and technology. It is without a doubt a place where sobriety and knowledge are always present and therefore a daily presence for me to aquire knowledge of what is best done in the world of storage. Congratulations on this excellent work and keep going!

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