KIOXIA Launches Industries first CD7 Data Center E3.S Form Factor SSDs on HPE Systems

KIOXIA has just announced that their PCIE 5.0 CD7 NVMe 2.0 E3.S SSDs are making their grand entrance shipping on select Hewlett Packard Enterprise  (HPE) systems, to include HPE ProLiant Gen11 servers, HPE Alletra 4000 data storage servers and the HPE Synergy 480 Gen11 Compute Module.

The CD7 is a rather special SSD as it incorporates the newest Enterprise and Data Center Form Factor (EDSFF) E3.S. The CD7 is available in capacities up to 7.68TB, designed for PCIe 5.0 x2 (2-lane) speeds up to 6450MB/s and 1050 random read IOPS and boasts 75us read and 14us write latencies which are as high as 60% lower than previous Gen 4 integration.

blank“At KIOXIA, we are committed to working closely with HPE to deliver greater performance, reliability and value through our SSD product portfolio,” said Neville Ichhaporia, senior vice president and general manager, SSD Business Unit, KIOXIA America, Inc. “EDSFF and PCIe 5.0 technologies are transforming the way storage is deployed, and our CD7 Series SSDs are the first to deliver these technologies on HPE’s next-generation systems.”

For more information about KIOXIA SSDs available for HPE server and storage platforms, please visit this link.


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    How are they keeping the NAND cool with sustained max speed transfers? Is the whole case a heatsink now?

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    “PCIe 5.0 x2 (2-lane) speeds up to 6450MB/s and **1050** random read IOPS…”

    That seems like an extremely low random IOPS rating. Typo?

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