werty316 Won an OWC Electra SATA 3 240GB SSD With OWC and The SSD Review!!


Have you been sitting on the fence thinking about getting an SSD?  Drooling over the thought of having one in your own system?

The simple fact is that a solid state drive almost makes it seem like the computer knows what you are going to do before you do.  Its just that fast and have we got an opportunity for you!! Thanks to OWC, The SSD Review will be giving away a OWC Electra 6G SATA 3 SSD with less than an hour testing under its belt.

Has a giveaway of a top performing 240GB SATA 3 SSD been done before?

blankHere’s the goods.  This OWC Electra 6G 240GB SSD can be yours absolutely free of charge and we will ship it to you directly from The SSD Review.  It is our sample drive which is a full retail version and its review can be seen here.  Where else can you actually see the performance and detailed pics of a drive before you get it in your hand?  Take a look at this:



This draw is over and has been won by:

blankCongratulations werty316 and all information regarding rules, regs and delivery has been sent to you!

The effective date of this giveaway is from 15 Aug to 29 Aug 2011.  Its a two week draw.  The purpose of the draw is two fold, in that, we would like to promote and thank Other World Computing for their contribution of the OWC Electra 240GB SATA 3 SSD and also would like to promote the best community available on the web for SSD help and assistance, The SSD Review Forums.

To be eligible, one must be (or become) an active and contributing member in the forums within the period of the draw.  To be frank, simply joining won’t make you eligible nor will joining and just saying hi.  We know there is a world of questions and advise being sought with respect to SSDs , and other subjects, and our family simply wants to help.  Are you a photographer considering an SSD?  Boy are you in for a shock once you check out the ‘Photograph of The Day Thread

It doesn’t stop there though.  As in all past giveaways, we use our secret forumla to earn extra ballots for those who post often, those who link us elsewhere, Facebook us, Twitter… you name it.  If your a contributing member and you are getting the word around, your chances increase significantly.   Simply acknowledge on the appropriate Forum thread where we are linked and we will mark it down!  Do you want to see how this SSD rates amongst the dog pack?

blankSimply put, this is a 240 GB SSD, one in which has received great reviews all over the web, its value is $449 brand new and it comes from a Other World Computing, a company that has an immaculate track record and customer service in the world of SSDs. Click here to see other OWC SSDs!!! Oh and yes, to claim the prize you must be 16 years of age or over and be able to answer a skill testing question.  We don’t know why but these are necessary contest rules and regulations


To become a member of our forums, simply register here and follow the online instructions. If, for some off reason, your application is denied and you haven’t had problems with your IP address in the past (SPAM), feel free to e-mail us directly at this address and we will fix things right up for you!

To all…Good Luck and Spread the word!!!


  1. blank

    Just a heads up. I did a small write up about your contest on my site.


  2. blank
    irene kostelyanets

    I would be happy to try this.

  3. blank

    Over the last 6 yrs I’ve purchased many products from OWC and never bought a bad product, or had bad service. Looking forward to owning one of these…

  4. blank

    I’m still sitting on a fence..:)
    If it wasn’t this site, I would not have known about OWC existence, and of existence of that Furutestorage. In Europe, except the UK itself, nothing is known of these two, I assume so.
    Would you consider “One OWC SSD give away each day within one month”?
    That would have been a shocker! 🙂

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