Patriot Wildfire SATA 3 SSD Performance Testing – Test Bench and Protocol

This is the my Test Bench and it is truly as intimidating as it appears.

Many hours of dedicated planning and consideration have gone into this build and it has been used in many benchmarking excursions and extreme overclocking sessions.

She has even set a few HWBot world records along the way!  Click on the photo for full resolution.


CPU: Intel i7-920 DO @ 4.46 Ghz

MOTHERBOARD: EVGA E760 Classified Motherboard

RAM: 6 GB EK-Watercooled Corsair Dominators 2000MHz CL8 kit. 7-8-7-24@1700


POWER: ST1500 Fully Modular 1500 Watt Power Supply 1500W (Peak 1600W) 12v1320W/110A (Peak 120A) combined+3.3 5v 280W

CHASSIS: Danger Den Torture Rack

CPU COOLER:  HeatKiller 3.0

WATER SYSTEM: Two KMP-400 w/reservoirs in a Parallel loop with Bitspower reservoir, two MCR320-QP rads, and 1 BIPS 240 rad. Areca 1880IX-12, EK Ram Block, EK Fullboard Mobo Block on Loop 1.  Loop 2- CPU only.  Loop 3- MCP-655 and Honda Radiator on dual GPUs.

CONTROLLER: LSI 9265 6Gbps MegaRAID Card W/ FastPath

RAID CONTROLLER CONFIGURATION: All settings are the FastPath standard, unless noted otherwise. No Read Ahead, Direct I/O, SS64KB, Write Through.

ENCLOSURE: ARC-4036 6gb/s JBOD, provided by Areca for our test bench. Our review of this product can be found here;  Areca ARC-4036 6Gb/s SAS/SATA JBOD Enclosure 


We will be using several different benchmarks to illustrate the speed of the array under different circumstances. AS SSD, AIDA 64, ATTO, WEI, and the benchmark standard PCMark Vantage will all be used to ensure consistency in all results, along with tests utilizing one of the newest benchmarks available that is tailored specifically for SSD performance metrics, the Anvil Storage Utility.

We have amassed a number of big name sponsors for a number of high-powered reviews that will be released fairly quickly, and we would like to thank Patriot memory, LSI and Areca for making this evaluation possible.  Lets have one more look at The Team!


NEXT:  Anvil Storage Utilities and ATTO

~ Introduction ~ Test Bench And Protocol ~

~ Anvil Storage Utilities and ATTO ~ HDTune Pro and AIDA ~

~ WEI and AS SSD ~ PCMark Vantage Total Points! ~

~ Conclusion ~

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