Patriot Wildfire SATA 3 SSD Performance Testing – Anvil Storage Solutions and ATTO


Fast becoming one of our favorites, and a go-to benchmark, is the new Anvil Storage Utilities. This is a Beta version, as it is still under development. This benchmark is just too great to pass up though, and we will be using the 1.0.28 Beta6 version.

A key thing here is to note the extremely high IOPS that we are able to attain with the Patriots on the 9265 RAID controller at relatively low Queue Depths. This is truly a very versatile array. With a 4GB testfile, this is keeping the benchmark safely out of the 1GB of cache that the 9265 utilizes, so these aren’t inflated cache numbers, this is pure speed.


The ATTO Disk Benchmark is the industry standard when it comes to base measurement of storage capabilities. We can see here in the first screen the performance with a low QD of 4, and the bench reaches 2.62 Gb/s!


The next test that we ran with ATTO is at a higher Queue Depth of 10, as you can see the scaling here is superb, and the results scale up quite a bit quicker over the course of the benchmark, topping out at 2.66 Gb/s.


 NEXT: HDTune Pro and AIDA

~ Introduction ~ Test Bench And Protocol ~

~ Anvil Storage Utilities and ATTO ~ HDTune Pro and AIDA ~

~ WEI and AS SSD ~ PCMark Vantage Total Points ~

~ Conclusion ~


  1. blank

    I find it strange that the 8 Patriot SSDs, which are supposed to be much faster in reads and writes than the Crucial C300 SSDs turn in slower benchmark speeds. I am thinking about buying a Maingear Shift with an 9265-8i card with 8 Patriot Wildfire SSDs, so this discrepancy is disconcerting.

    • blank

      * I’m talking about the ATTO and HD Tune results. If the C300 SSDs can reach 2.77 GB/s reads and 1.84 GB/s reads, I expected the Wildfires to get much higher. What am I missing?

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