Corsair MP600 Core XT 2TB SSD Review – Great Value Achieved through a Fast DRAMless QLC Design

The Corsair MP600 has been around for some time and has been the go-to SSD for  different Corsair component configurations going on four years now.  The first was released with the Phison E16 controller paired with Toshiba BiCS 4 TLC NAND while the next became the MP600 Core, again with the Phison E16 but matching it with Micron 96-layer QLC NAND and a SKHynix DRAM Cache. Then came the MP600 Pro XT which moved up to the Phison PS5018 controller, Micron’s 176-layer B47R TLC memory along with a SKHynix DDR4 DRAM cache before MP600 GS went DRAMLess with the Phison E21 4-channel controller paired with  Micron’s premium B47R 176-layer TLC NAND flash memory.

Corsair’s latest release is the MP600 Core XT  and we have a 2TB version of this DRAMless QLC driven SSD on the test bench for a bit of testing.  We are fairly certain that Corsair has made it around the track and then some with MP600 configurations and may have to look at moving on from MP600 name branding on the next run…but who knows right?


The Corsair MP600 Core XT SSD is a PCIe 4.0 x4 (4-lane) 2280 form factor (22mm wide x 80mm long) SSD that uses the latest NVMe 1.4 protocol.  It is available in 1,2 and 4TB capacities and write performance is variable with 5GB/s read for all sizes and 4.5GB/s for the 4TB version, 4.4GB/s for the 2TB and 3.5GB/s for the 1TB model. Specifications list IOPS at 700K read and 1 million write for the 2TB version tested here.


It is a single sided DRAMless SSD that contains 4 pieces of Micron 176-layer 3D QLC NAND flash memory surrounding the Phison PS5021-E21 PCIe 4.0 NVMe 4-channel controller.  The benefits of this design are a relatively cooler and less pricey alternative, yet still maintaining decent Gen 4 speeds.


Pricing is the sweet spot for this SSD and an Amazon check at the time report showed availability at $59.99 (1TB), $114.99 (2TB) and $284.99 for the 4TB capacity, all with an included 5-year limited warranty. Getting a Gen 4 SSD that runs at 5GB/s for just over $100 is a great price point. Check Amazon for price updates and purchase.

Let’s take a look at some metrics.

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