The SSD Reviewers Guide to SSD Optimization 2018


More often than not when someone asks for my help, I find out that they have paid for software of some type or another and just cringe.  With such a vast selection of amazing free software available, I just don’t understand.  Myself, I rely on the free versions of Advanced System Care, Crap Cleaner, Avast and AVG Antivirus.  I visit regularly just to see what is the most popular these days.


I guess it should be recognized right off that, although the tips described in this guide are used by myself and have been for several years, many are common optimizations that have been recognized by enthusiasts, reviewers and even manufacturers in the industry.  If you are not sure of, or even disagree with a tip, please step up and let us know in the comment section as your comments may assist another in their decision to follow, or not follow a tip, in the guide.  Having said that, non-constructive tips that do no more than insult what we have tried to do to help others will be removed.

Similarly,  if we have missed an optimization that you know of and are certain is of benefit , please let us know in as much detail as possible, and we will explore and provide response, or maybe even add it to the guide itself.  I am certain there are additional proven tips out there that can account for performance, increased capacity or faster startup and shut down times.  Our goal is to have as complete a resource as possible.

For those following our guide, it is important to read the tip very carefully and to follow exactly what is written.  If you are like me, I simply Google to see others opinions as well before i follow a piece of advise.  Feel free to do the same.  Having said that, I can comfortably say that, although a SSD without any optimization may work perfectly for years to come, I can guarantee that it will not be performing to the top of its capabilities, a concern not so important to an simple PC user as it is to a media professional who realies on that extra 200MB/s read or write throughput to increase their business efficiency.

Let’s be honest… Do you want your workspace looking like that first page of this report…or like this?

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