Raidon iR2940-6S-S2D RAID Enclosure Review – Consumer Storage Simplified


Below are the results of the RAID 5 tests where we have the 4 Caviar Black Drives configured in RAID 5. The results are consistent with expectations, as all four devices are connected via a single SATA port.

RAID 5 is going to allow an excellent level of data protection, to the point that the user can literally remove a drive while using the device, and still be able to use the enclosure. Inserting another disk will begin an automatic rebuild. Depending upon the rebuild priority set in the configuration screen, there will be varying amounts of time for this rebuild to take place.

RAID 5 will result in a loss of some capacity of the array, as a portion of the drive will be dedicated to parity data which will allow data to be rebuilt in the event of a failure. This will bring the drives capacity in RAID 5 to 1397.16 GB. This is a tradeoff that the user will have to decide upon depending upon the level of data safety they desire.

A click will bring both RAID 5 results up close for inspection. This view shows the throughput at different types of access, which is noted by the color of each line. The numbers across the bottom axis denote the size of the data files used for testing in each test.

This view gives a more accurate look at the hard numbers for the data contained in the above screen.



As a means of confirming our results with another benchmark, we will use Crystal Disk mark for the testing as well with RAID 5.


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