Raidon iR2940-6S-S2D RAID Enclosure Review – Consumer Storage Simplified


The main concept here is simplicity which is allowing several different varieties of RAID to be used, but in a friendly user oriented manner.  The device itself is separated into two arrays, one composed of 2 devices, and the other with 4 devices. A key concept here is to be able to use one array as your boot volume, and the other as your storage volume.

The first array on the left is comprised of two 2.5 inch drives, and these two drives are configured in RAID 1. This mirrors the data stored onto both devices, giving a high level of data security. Essentially you will have a copy of all of your data.

Utilization of two SSDs in the 2.5 inch bays is the configuration that we will be using today. This would definitely be our choice for the boot volume.

The second array is 4×3.5 inch drives on the right. These can be configured in a RAID 0 for optimal speed, RAID 1 for mirroring, or RAID 5 for increased data protection and capacity.

We will be using four HDDs in the right hand array, and this is the obvious choice for data storage.


A very convenient and readily identifiable means of monitoring the unit is accomplished via the clever use of indicator lights. The lights have varying colors that coincide to the status of each individual drive, as seen on the drawers. There are also lights that indicate the status of each array and the fans on the top edge. Using red lights indicates that there is a problem, and blue indicates that the device/array is functioning properly. There is also an alarm buzzer that will signal the user to check the status lights and the accompanying user interface in the operating system. This use of status monitoring really does make things easy, as you do not have to open the monitoring programs just to check the status of the enclosure or drives.



RAID Level RAID 1 RAID 0/1/5/10
Support Hard Drive 2.5 SATA HDD x 2 3.5 SATA HDD x 4
ASIC SR2045 JMb393
Support Single HDD Maximum Capacity 500GB 2TB
Maximum Total Capacity 500GB 8TB
Host Interface SATA x 2
Transfer Rate 300 MB/s
Device Interface SATA 3Gb
Hot-Swap YES
LED Indicators PWR/ HDD Link/ HDD Access/ FAN & Temp Alarm
Environment Detector YES
Cooling Fan 6CM x 2
Power Supply DCIN 5V/12V
Dimensions (mm) 149W x 210L x 128H
Weight (kg) 3.1
Operating System Windows/ MAC/ Linux
Certifications CE & FCC

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