Raidon iR2940-6S-S2D RAID Enclosure Review – Consumer Storage Simplified


This is the Test Bench and it is truly as intimidating as it appears. Many hours of dedicated planning and consideration have gone into this build and it has been used in many benchmarking excursions and extreme overclocking sessions.  She has even set a few HWBot world records along the way!


CPU: Intel i7-920 DO @ 4.46 Ghz

MOTHERBOARD: EVGA E760 Classified Motherboard

RAM: 6 GB EK-Watercooled Corsair Dominators 2000MHz CL8 kit. 7-8-7-24@1700


POWER: ST1500 Fully Modular 1500 Watt Power Supply 1500W (Peak 1600W) 12v1320W/110A (Peak 120A) combined+3.3 5v 280W

CHASSIS: Danger Den Torture Rack

CPU COOLER: HeatKiller 3.0

WATER SYSTEM: Two KMP-400 w/reservoirs in a Parallel loop with Bitspower reservoir, two MCR320-QP rads, and 1 BIPS 240 rad. Areca 1880IX-12, EK Ram Block, EK Fullboard Mobo Block on Loop 1. Loop 2- CPU only. Loop 3- MCP-655 and Honda Radiator on dual GPUs.


We are using four Western Digital Caviar Black 500 GB Hard Disk Drives for our four 3.5 inch drives. These are great drives and have provided years of consistent performance. Great for testing, they continue to be a staple on our test bench.


For the RAID 1 Array of 2 2.5 In devices, we are also using 2 C300 SSDs for testing. Graciously provided by Crucial for our test bench, we never cease to find uses for these devices! The 256 GBs provides us with ample space and the speed of these 6gb/s devices will allow us to saturate the bus on the device that we are testing.


Now for a few tests…

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