Raidon iR2940-6S-S2D RAID Enclosure Review – Consumer Storage Simplified


We are now going to see much faster results with the RAID 1 array of 2.5 inch SSDs which is only expected as SSDs are much faster than HDD. It is understandable that many users will keep the RAID 1 as their boot SSD volume, and the HDD array as their storage.  These results are expected as the full speeds of the C300 are not possible without a 6Gb/s connection. In this situation, we are connected via the 3Gb/s interface.

RAID 1 is going to result in the user having the capacity of only one disk, yet it is the safest of the RAID levels, as you literally have two copies of everything.


As a means of confirming our results with another benchmark, we will use Crystal Disk mark for the testing as well with RAID 1.

We can see some really great results here with the 4K random access as compared to the HDD arrays, this is a real compelling reason to use this volume as the boot volume!


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