Raidon iR2940-6S-S2D RAID Enclosure Review – Consumer Storage Simplified


Overall we were very impressed with the iR2940. The concept is simplicity: A device that can run multiple drives (6 of them in fact) that will fit in the front of the average users computer case. A simple interface that makes things easy and quick for the consumer is paramount here, and RAIDon delivers in every aspect of this.

The concept of the device is very nice as it allows the user two separate arrays, one for the boot operating system and the other array for a storage volume. Using two small drives, with the option of these two being SSDs, is the masterstroke. This allows the user impressive performance, and a excellent level of data protection.

Adding four HDD into the mix as a storage volume with configurable RAID levels of 0, 1, or 5, is just total icing on the cake.

Great build quality and multiple means of communicating any issues with devices, from flashing lights for individual drive problems, a buzzer, notifications in the operating system, or even emails to the user, this device communicates very effectively.

These types of innovations afford the user a level of data protection and security that is hard to beat.

Competitively priced with a price of 449.00 this is an excellent device for data security.

Very easy to recommend this device to any user, as it delivers on all fronts!

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