Raidon iR2940-6S-S2D RAID Enclosure Review – Consumer Storage Simplified


The first thing that one notices are the holes spread across the face of the device. These are for various monitoring lights.  We also notice that the separate trays that the devices will be installed into and the fact that the device is heavy, and built very sturdy.

blankThis picture shows the top of the unit, and the length of the device itself. There are holes fabricated into the unit along the top to facilitate air movement throughout the device. The unit is very well manufactured and all parts fit together very nicely.

blankHere we can see the rear of the unit, and the connectors that are used for connection to the computer. This unit has two separate SATA connectors, one for each array. The two 2.5 inch disks comprise one array and the four 3.5 inch drives are a separate drive.

The three black modules are for Molex power plugs from the Power Supply of the users computer. Three are used to ensure adequate power for the total of six drives that the unit contains.

Note the two fans that are in the rear of the unit. They are used to ventilate the device and keep the drives at a nice controlled temperature. The temperature of the drives is very important as it helps to lengthen the drives lifespan. It is important that the fans are not noisy and loud, and these fans surely are quiet. Once installed in the case they are nearly inaudible. The user certainly will not be able to hear them over any standard case fan that would already be operating.

This device occupies 3 x 5.5 inch slots in the front of the computer case.

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