Western Digital Black2 Dual Drive Review (1TB HDD/120GB SSD) – Combining SSD Performance with HDD Capacity


The performance of the WD Black2 Dual Drive is a bit of a good news / so-so news situation.  Boot speeds are truly SSD-fast.  Read performance with compressible data was very strong, and in many of our benchmarks the dual drive handled compressible and incompressible data equally well.  Write speeds being “capped” at a maximum of 145-147 MB/s, no matter the situation, was a bit disappointing.  This could be a limitation of being paired with an HDD that has to occasionally be written to.  A PCMark Vantage HDD suite score of over 57,000 was a pleasant surprise, especially the fact that it was a 28% increase over the SSD by itself.  Both the SSD alone and the Dual Drive setup exceed WD’s stated sequential read and write speeds of 350 MB/s and 140 MB/s, respectively.

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The other sticking point I have about the WD Black2 Dual Drive is WD’s asking price.  Granted, once on the market for a bit prices tend to edge downward, but $300 as a starting point may limit its appeal.  The standard argument we are going to here will be something to the effect of “But I can readily buy a 128GB SATA III SSD and 1TB HDD, both being models with superior performance to the Black2, and have a few dollars left over.”

In WD’s defense, we cannot fit the two separate drives into a laptop or notebook with a single drive bay.  We also are not receiving a free Acronis TrueImage download or a USB-to-SATA adapter cable for cloning purposes, nor are we receiving the proprietary partition management software for the price of the two individual drives.

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I can perceive value when I look at what all is included, but the average potential customer may not be willing to look at it more closely if the $300 price of admission scares them off.  If WD can figure out how to get the Black2 Dual Drive down below $250, preferably at the MSRP level before any discounting comes into play, the consumer appeal would go up dramatically.

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The WD Black2 Dual Drive is a bit of an enigma.  The potential market that WD is keying this product to is laptops / notebooks with a single 2.5″ drive bay.  The product itself appears to be either a successful implementation of new technology; or a successful implementation of a different approach to existing technology.  It would seem more than a bit limiting to bring to market something that has potential magnitude to it, and only offer it to a rather narrow market. Does WD have other such implementations on its drawing board?

All in all, the WD Black2 Dual Drive is a very interesting storage product, and is certainly worthy of our Innovation Award!

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SSD/HDD Combination!

IN a new approach, Western Digital creates the Black2 Dual Drive taking advantage of both the performance of the SSD and capacity of the HDD. They then tap on a 5 year warranty for a promising product.

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  1. I’m no much of a laptop person and i think it wont do me any good since i use mine for work(not on desk) and its constantly moving, and hdds parts are kind a risky, so 100% SSDs for laptops or any mobile device. But i wike to see bigger HDD for work at home ! Very helpful review !

  2. the NAND is known to be 20nm but you don’t know the vendor? how is that? technically Sandisk and Tosh do not have 20nm process.

  3. I bought one of these and have installed it with programs on SSD and data on the 1TB HDD.
    I find the 1TB HDD slow to respond to document opening etc. I would have preferred a 7,200 rpm HDD connected to the SSD

  4. Love this product… Installed it 6 months ago and it made my 3 year old laptop respond faster than my friends 2015 gaming laptops (with sshd in it). Money well spent.

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