Western Digital Black2 Dual Drive Review (1TB HDD/120GB SSD) – Combining SSD Performance with HDD Capacity


Black2 parts

Describing the WD Black2 as being an HDD and an SSD “sandwiched” together is by no means an exaggeration.  Separating the two halves requires some painstaking care and concentration.  After removing a trio of tiny Torx screws on the SSD top at the SATA connection end, we must still carefully separate the two drives by sliding a knife blade between the black double-faced tape attached to the SSD underside and what turns out to be the top side of the HDD.  The HDD reveals itself to be a WD Blue Slim 1TB 5400 RPM model.

Blck2 Slim HDD

Looking at the PCB side of the SSD (or at least what little area of the PCB real estate that is visible beyond the shield and double-faced tape) we see the controller, DRAM chip, and NAND modules.

Black2 SSD PCB

These next two images are the top side and underside of the arch-shaped circuit board that is the Marvell bridge chip after it is removed from the HDD portion.

Bridge chip front

Bridge chip rear

The JMicron JMF667H 4-channel controller is not “mainstream,” and the WD Black2 shares it with some rather odd company, including the KingSpec MultiCore 1TB Driverless PCIE SSD and the SuperTalent USB 3.0 Express RC4 64GB Flash Drive.

Controller and DRAM chip

Above we see the JMF667H and the 1GB NANYA DRAM chip.

The WD Black2’s SSD portion sports a pair of 64GB 20nm MLC NAND modules.  The NAND supplier is at this point unknown, although the two most likely candidates would be Toshiba or SanDisk.

Black2 NAND


  1. I’m no much of a laptop person and i think it wont do me any good since i use mine for work(not on desk) and its constantly moving, and hdds parts are kind a risky, so 100% SSDs for laptops or any mobile device. But i wike to see bigger HDD for work at home ! Very helpful review !

  2. the NAND is known to be 20nm but you don’t know the vendor? how is that? technically Sandisk and Tosh do not have 20nm process.

  3. I bought one of these and have installed it with programs on SSD and data on the 1TB HDD.
    I find the 1TB HDD slow to respond to document opening etc. I would have preferred a 7,200 rpm HDD connected to the SSD

  4. Love this product… Installed it 6 months ago and it made my 3 year old laptop respond faster than my friends 2015 gaming laptops (with sshd in it). Money well spent.

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