Building the Ultimate TSSDR Z490 Test Bench – We achieved Top 1% of the Passmark/3DMark Communities!


It is always nice putting the time into a great PC build, as this is. It is never nice having two systems go dead on you on Christmas Eve only to find Santa looking over your shoulder within an hour or so before everyone is getting up to see what’s under the tree. That was the start of it all for this build and looking back, a good thing came from something not so good. None of this could be accomplished without long standing relationships and sponsorships with ASRock, Corsair and Zotac along with new relationships with Intel that got the ball rolling. Thank you Ben.

I never knew what to expect from this build and didn’t have a clue as to the performance it would be capable of. In the end, being able to simply overclock and push the memory to its limit, along with acquiring a graphics card that is one of the best on the market enabled us to create a very good looking and top performing system.

The beauty of all this is that just about anyone can put this together and create the same build. Now to get a bit of sleep and then start on the hardware reviews that have piled up.

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