Building the Ultimate TSSDR Z490 Test Bench – We achieved Top 1% of the Passmark/3DMark Communities!


This was what got everything rolling and thank you very much Intel! The Intel Core i9-10900K CPU with a base CPU speed of 3.7GHz, 10 Cores and a 20MB cache size.,,,and it’s unlocked. It is a LGA 1200 chip based on the Intel 400 chipset, and with Intel Turbo Max Technology 3.0 support, this CPU runs at 5GHz without any effort at all.

It has Intel Optane Memory support and the only reason that we haven’t even tried to bump it to 5.3GHz is the fact that finally being at 5GHz without any effort whatsoever is comforting. It was no more than a simple click of the ASRock Z490 Taichi UEFI Optimized CPU OC Setting Menu:

Checking Amazon, we see pricing has come down significantly and can be had for $496, the reason of course is because we will be seeing the newest 11th Gen chip anytime now.

Both PassMark and AIDA64 provided some really good results with respect to benchmark performance as we can see here:


To start, the only CPU coolers we rely on are Corsair Liquid CPUs and, if you look around our website, we have had them all. It would be very hard to find one of our Test benches with anything else; the reason is of course they are completely silent, do the job and they are very reliable.

The iCUE H150i Capellix comes with a 360mm radiator and we needed that because this system will transition over to the Intel 11th gen chip soon enough, and they run just a bit warmer. The 360 was a given, although a bit overboard for this immediate build. It comes with three 120mm Corsair ML RGB magnetic levitation fans that are completely silent with speeds between 400 and 2400RPM, along with the Corsair iCUE Commander Core Smart RGB Lighting and Fan Controller.

We aren’t aware if you have noticed but there are thirteen fans in this system, nine of which are controlled through iCUE. The pump head of the unit is RGB and lit by 33 ultra-bright CAPELLIX RGB LEDs and there are two different face plates for the pump head that show this CPU cooler off very well. Better yet, fans only spin when necessary. When the system is cool they will come to a stop as they are not needed.
Checking Amazon, we see the Corsair H150i Capellix Liquid CPU cooler priced at $223.


So we went a bit overboard. As if three fans to the front, three at the top with the CPU Cooler, three fans in the graphics card and one fan in the PSU wasn’t enough. We went ahead and added three more for better airflow and aesthetics simply because the Corsair 5000x is equipped for exactly that.

The Corsair white LL120 3 pack are shown against the back wall in this picture and these fans have 48 individually addressable RGB LEDS that are controlled with the included Corsair Lighting Node Pro which enables iCUE to control both fan speed and LEDs. Have we mentioned that the iCUE software also has several pre-programmed LED effects ready to show off all of your iCUE gear?

In our case, we can see that, even with thirteen fans, we are still short one on the back wall. Our end game is to have air pushed in from the front and back and then pulled up and back through the cooler fans on top and these three LL120s on the back wall. Checking Amazon, we can only availability of the black 3 pack of the LL120s at this fan and there price is $97.

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