Samsung T7 Shield 10Gbps Portable SSD Review – 4TB of External Storage Goodness


We had a bit of fun with Samsung in entering this report but it is important to note that Samsung was one of the very first companies to get the ball rolling in the flash industry and their importance in technological advance today is unparalleled.  There is really not a person worldwide that has electronics that doesn’t have something that is Samsung labeled, whether it be product or component in that product.  Even Apple lovers might be comforted by the fact that Apple relies on Samsung heavily to this day, and in fact, they even announced that 82% of their iPhone 14 panels are Samsung sourced.

Looking at the Samsung T7 Shield in the 4TB capacity specifically, we can see where they increased the capacity for those media professionals which was part of their marketing materials that came along with this 4TB T7 Shield.  This  release still leaves us and so many other media industry professionals wanting more however.  My favorite storage right now is the SanDisk Pro-Blade and we have reviewed so many other external SSDs to include the Sabrent Rocket Nano V2, WD_Black P40/P50, SanDisk Extreme Pro, Kingston XS2000, ADATA SE900G, as well as the Lexar SL660 Blaze that all have one thing in common.

They are all USB 3.2 2×2 (20Gbps), twice as fast as the T7 Shield and we haven’t even listed our Thunderbolt 3/4 portable SSDs which are yet another 33% faster at 40Gbps. The Samsung T7 Shield has proven itself to be an amazing portable SSD and the increase of capacity to 4TB makes it all that much sweeter.  I gotta admit though I sure would have love to see this in a 20Gbps design.  Just a thought for the future maybe.



Samsung 4TB T7 Shield Ratings

Product Build
3-Year Warranty
Price and Availability

4TB Storage!

The Samsung T7 Shield Is now available in 1/2 and 4TB capacities and is a 10Gbps (1050MB/s) portable SSD that comes with a 3-year warranty and great price point.

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