Cooler Master Storm Xornet – Arming the Budget Gamer


What separates a good company from a great company is listening to user feedback, improving items and concepts, innovating and building on ideas, and releasing products suitable for every person. Those at Cooler Master are not new to this statement, a point easily reinforced by their latest addition to the Storm line-up, as well as their deep involvement in e-sports.

What I would like to know is Cooler Masters reasoning for releasing the Xornet. Aside from a different name, colour design, lower overall DPI, non-gold plated USB header, and cheaper pricing, the Xornet is identical to the Storm Spawn in every sense.

Regardless, the Xornet is an excellent mouse. The tracking, control, and precision are spot on, the grip is nice and firm and the buttons have snappy response. When I first started handling it, I repeatedly hit the bulge on the side, as I was not used to the spacing between the left and right mouse buttons. After a few hours my hand got used to the design, and was easily able to distinguish the Sentinel and Xornet.

I would have liked some extra additions, like software for the ability to customize the Xornet for my needs, as well as a braided cable for more protection and for an aesthetic aspect. Hopefully Cooler Master develops some type of method to customize the Xornet when it officially launches, seeing as how it has on-board memory capabilities.

blankAlthough I did grate the Xornet for its performance on TF2, it was more based subjectively than objectively. I have logged a vastly larger number of hours using the Sentinel than the Xornet. Yet in less played games the Xornet performed on equal footing. Therefore, it is not impossible to become accustomed the Xornet, and for people who need a gaming mouse but do not want to pay the excessively high price, you would honestly be hard pressed to find anything that comes close to the Xornet.

Personally, it was a pleasure using the Xornet. I absolutely marvel at the design and how well it works. The buttons are the best I have ever used, and the tracking is amazing. There are a few quirks with it, but overall I cannot complain looking at the price, and the exceptional two-year warranty it carries. This is the best mouse I can find at this price range, and the performance and features you get from it put many other, more expensive mice, to shame.


– Overall ergonomic design
– Anti-slip gripping
– 2000 DPI optical sensor
– Light weight
– Length of cord
– Comfort and Control
– Multi-surface tracking
– Omron switch click buttons
– Performance in games, especially RTS and RPG games
– Price
– Warranty (two years)


– No braided cord
– No included software
– No customization (DPI, Weight)
– No DPI notifications


Overall I give the Cooler Master Storm Xornet a 9.5 out of 10, and would like to thank Cooler Master for providing the Xornet to TheSSDReview for testing and review.

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  1. blank

    To whomever “Seeps” is, I find it laughable that you “absolutely marvel at the design and how well it works”. Is this the first pointing device you’ve ever seen before? I marvel at your sense of awe over a mouse design that’s been done dozens of times before.

  2. blank

    OMG, I cannot find any claw grip mice that is small yet affordable. This has everything I want…but the low dpi! I wish it had at least 3500 dpi. This seems like the best mouse for my style. I like the grip of the Lachesis, but it was a little too bulky and long for me. I could not reach the side buttons effectively!

    • blank

      Look into the CM Storm Spawn. It’s almost the same mouse, except in red, 3500dpi sensor and allows for macros to be programmed on the thumb buttons! Only $10 more than the Xornet

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