Cooler Master Storm Xornet – Arming the Budget Gamer


Right off the bat, we see the usual red-black-white colour scheme indicative of Cooler Masters Storm series brand:

On the back there is a list of specifications, most notably the on-the-fly DPI adjustment:

On one side there are a few Storm Tactics logos, and support information on the other:

On the top and bottom, we see the Storm logo and a small teaser window:

Opening the front window, there is a more in-depth diagram of the features on/in the Xornet accompanied by a brief description of each. One of the nice things about this compact package is that a potential buyer can actually see and hold the Xornet without removing it:

While the box has a ton of information, the accessories are non-existent inside, which is to be expected from a budget gaming mouse. Aside from the mouse, there is only a comprehensive user manual present:

I still would have loved to see a few extra goodies included in the packaging though. You will also notice that there is no software CD included either. Let us find out how well the Xornet fares without it.


  1. To whomever “Seeps” is, I find it laughable that you “absolutely marvel at the design and how well it works”. Is this the first pointing device you’ve ever seen before? I marvel at your sense of awe over a mouse design that’s been done dozens of times before.

  2. OMG, I cannot find any claw grip mice that is small yet affordable. This has everything I want…but the low dpi! I wish it had at least 3500 dpi. This seems like the best mouse for my style. I like the grip of the Lachesis, but it was a little too bulky and long for me. I could not reach the side buttons effectively!

    • Look into the CM Storm Spawn. It’s almost the same mouse, except in red, 3500dpi sensor and allows for macros to be programmed on the thumb buttons! Only $10 more than the Xornet

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