Samsung Pro Plus microSDHC 32GB and EVO Plus 128GB microSDXC Review


Anvil’s Storage Utilities is the best software program available for benchmarking flash media.  Not only does it give an accurate look at transfer speeds and throughput, but also, it goes even further by identifying file sizes, disk access times, as well as system and device identification. It even has many extra features such as endurance torture testing and a TRIM button feature to manually trigger TRIM on supported devices.


Samsung Pro Plus 32GB mSDHC Card Anvil


Samsung EVO Plus 128GB mSDXC Card Anvil


Now we begin our real world testing! This benchmark is supposed to simulate how a photographer may shoot a subject whether it be a sports game or a bird in flight. We are talking about pure continuous burst speed testing. For comparison, we have included comparable results from five other cards in our arsenal.

The methodology behind this test is simple, we will be comparing how long it takes for the Canon 6D’s image burst buffer to offload onto the cards after it fills from a continuous burst and record how many images we were able to shoot before the burst rate slows down. For standardization and comparison, the camera settings will be shooting at ISO 100, 1/160th of a second, aperture f/4.

Real World

The Samsung Pro Plus shows excellent performance with a max burst of 23 and buffer offload time of 8 seconds with the EVO showing its colors with a max burst of 19 and offload time of 14 seconds, better than the previous EVO…and twice the capacity.


As much as Samsung appeared very strategic in their release of the speedy Pro Plus SDHC card parallel to the high capacity 128GB EVO Plus SDXC card, their success can be seen in other features of both of these cards.

Samsung Pro Plus 32GB mSDHC Card Front

While both have a 10-year limited warranty, we think that their background examination of what might cause data loss in such cards has hit the nail on the head.  Samsung’s 5-Proof Technology makes these waterproof, shockproof, x-ray proof, magnet proof and even capable of withstanding very diverse temperatures.  This is the key to these cards.

Samsung EVO Plus 128GB mSDXC Card Front

As of the dat eof this report, we couldn’t yet find the pro plus available in stores, but the 128GB EVO Plus could be found at Amazon for just under $100.  Both cards are deserving of our Gold Seal.

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Review Overview

10 Year Warranty
Data Security
Pricing and Availability

SD Card Speed and Capacity

Samsung's marketing of both the Pro Plus and EVO Plus SD cards is a push forward for both speed and capacity in the microSD card industry. There 5-Proof technology, accompanied by their 10 year warranty makes the buyers decision a no-brainer.

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  1. PRO plus has still using MLC?

  2. Why is it that the first gen EVO had Crystal Disk 4K write speeds of 1.48 vs the EVO plus of only .86? Also on other reviews the EVO has large block random write speeds of 32.0 vs the EVO plus of only 3.9.

    • Based on what ive seen, it seems the 128gb version of the EVO+ is slower than the smaller versions at rand read/write.

      I assumed all the versions would be roughly the same speed, but apparently thats not the case.

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