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Intel and Micron (IMFT) Debut 20nm MLC NAND

Intel and Micron today announced their mass production of a new size of NAND, the worlds first 20 nanometer 128 gigabit MLC device. The new 20nm device can fit an astounding 1Tb of storage into a chip the size of a human fingertip, as evidenced by the picture to your left. This amazing achievement is capable by using only 8 …

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Intel Confirms Future Release of RST Will Support RAID 0 TRIM

Storage Review announced a great find a few days back which detailed that Intel will be bringing TRIM support to RAID0 configurations.  This would be great news to those enthusiasts, small business and enterprise clients who presently have systems without RAID support or have been awaiting such. For those new to SSDs, TRIM is an automatic and background activity where …

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OCZ Updates RevoDrive 3 SSD Lines With MaxIOPS Edition

It hasn’t even been 2 days since our exclusive news that Super Talent was going to enter the PCIe SSD arena that OCZ ups the ante once more which officially makes them one tough act to follow. Today, OCZ officially announced the upgrade to their Revo 3 and Revo 3×2 lines with the release of MaxIOPS editions for both levels …

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