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Great Positioning For NVELO As Caching SSD Solutions Expected To Skyrocket

According to market research firm iSuppli, caching SSD shipments are set to increase 100 fold over the next four years. The main catalyst for this remarkable growth is the expected massive proliferation of Ultrabooks, whose presence was undeniable at this years CES. While success isn’t guaranteed, it’s clear that the industry has high hopes for this market, and is going …

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Intel Keynote And Future Plans- Storage Visions 2012 Update

Today Intels’ Robert Crooke, Corporate VP and GM of the NVM (Non-Volatile Memory) Solutions Group, delivered an impressive Keynote speech. To keep things in perspective, one must recall that Intel has been in the SSD Flash manufacturing market for some time.  Intel has been developing this type of solution since 1992 and time has brought about many changes and advancements. …

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Micron Reports Growing Flash Demand As Volume Sales Go Up and Memory Price Goes Down

Micron Technology, a major supplier of NAND flash, reported their first fiscal quarter earnings Wednesday evening. While the results were somewhat inconsistent and below analysts’ expectations (DRAM sales are slow), the word of the day when it comes to flash memory is “growth”! In the first quarter, Micron saw an approximately six percent increase in NAND sales. In addition, Micron …

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