Crucial Releases Ultra Thin 7mm M4 SATA 3 SSD As Ultrabooks Attempt To Reshape The Market

If it hasn’t yet clicked that ultrabooks are viewed as the next big thing by major industry players, here’s even more evidence to help the idea sink in.

Crucial Technology, well known for their memory products and more recently, their SSDs, is releasing a 7mm thick variant of their m4 SSD.

It will be available in 64GB, 128GB, 256GB and 512GB capacities with prices of $118.99, $209.99, $410.99 and $794.99 respectively.

This is the same Marvell based m4 that received a firmware update which brought performance within striking distance of SandForce based drives. It’s nice to see that the new ultraportables will be able to benefit from higher performing parts than the netbooks they are replacing, as this will likely provide them with a much better chance of being around longer and even becoming popular.

Indeed, a small notebook with relatively high performance has been on a lot of people’s wishlists for a long time, and now that these products are beginning to enter the marketplace en masse, it will be interesting to see how they fare against their ARM powered tablet competition, which have been making significant inroads in the marketplace ever since the iPad was released. Being that Intel is the main company spearheading this initiative, in addition to acting as one of Apple’s main partners, the situation turns out to be exceedingly interesting. Add to that the fact that Apple released what was pretty much the first ultrabook, and one can see how the market situation may well become very intriguing very shortly.

Regardless of what actually happens, the multitude of companies showing significant interest in this product category is certainly very promising. It looks like there may be some very fierce price wars as the year rolls on, not only when it comes to ultrabooks but in other categories impacted by this fledgling market, such as tablets and SSDs. The Crucial drive is likely just one of the first of many 7mm SSD products that will be announced in the coming months, and if ultrabooks end up being as successful as predicted, the SSD market may change in ways that no one could have predicted.

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