Kingston Releases SSDNow V+200 SATA 3 ‘SandForce Driven’ SSD

Kingston’s SSD family has always been somewhat complicated, but the V/V+ SSDs have always been about value.

The V Series  was JMicron controlled and modestly priced, while the V+ units were Toshiba controlled and slightly more expensive.  Kingston has gone another direction in their V+200 SATA 3 SSDs. Using async 25nm Intel memory paired with the SF-2281, the V+200 is built for speed.

Kingston’s first SandForce SSD, the HyperX, was aimed squarely at consumers. Later, the KC100 was geared more towards business use with a longer warranty, more SMART attributes, and a higher price. Aimed at more price-conscious business and consumers, the V+200 should fit nicely in Kingston’s offerings.

Available in capacities between 60GB and 480GB, performance varies by size, but performance while testing highly compressible data should hit 535MB/s reads and 460 – 480MB/s writes. Max IOPS performance is rated at 85,000 4K reads and 60,000 4K writes, though sustained performance is lower.

The SSDNow V+200 has a three year warranty and 24/7 tech support. MSRP starts at $140 for the 60GB and makes it’s way upward to $985 for the 480GB model, though street pricing will inevitably be lower.

You can see a Kingston’s V200+ video here.

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