OCZ To Supply Deneva 2 SSDs for Intel’s Ultrabook Platform; Apple Locked In The Crosshairs Leading Up To CES

OCZ technology, a well known supplier of high performance SSDs, is going to be a provider of the SSD component of Intel’s upcoming ultrabook platform.

The Deneva 2 is a Sandforce based device, available in both a sata II C and sata III R variant. Read/Write speeds are 280MB/s/260MB/s for the C version which will be used in the ultrabooks, and is available in capacities of 30, 60 and 120GB, though only the 30 and 60GB drives have been certified.

Given the target market and the fact that, at the moment, only the C drive is available in an mSATA formfactor, it makes sense that this is the version which will find its way into Intel’s new platform.

Although this is excellent news for OCZ, it does not mean they will be the exclusive supplier of SSDs for Intel’s netbooks. In contrast to some of the platform’s other hardware, Intel seems to have adopted a more open policy when it comes to the SSD component, allowing various manufacturers to have their products validated for use in the new ultrabook products. Although Intel could have easily used their own SSDs exclusively with the new portables, they no doubt realized that in the consumer market, speed and and price per GB take precedence, and wisely opened the field to third parties.

This development will be of significant interest to potential buyers as they will have more choice and a greater variety of price points when it comes to their new ultrabook. As has been mentioned elsewhere, it’s no surprise that this announcement comes so close to CES. Indeed, ultrabooks are expected to be one of the main attractions this coming week, with Asus, Toshiba and others having a myriad of products waiting in the wings.

The big question will be how the new products stand up to the Macbook Air that will be used as the benchmark against which all other ultraportables will be judged. With so many new designs being released, hopefully at least one or two will come close to matching Apple’s jewel ; ). Be on the lookout for more Ultrabook and SSD related announcements in the the days leading up to CES. Believe me, it’s gonna be a good one.

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    Like it or not, Apple IS the king of the hill right now when it comes to this product category. Considering how little success other companies have had knocking off many of Apple’s other top products, I think what I wrote was more than justified.

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