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Newer Technology Guardian MAXimus Mini Portable RAID Review

In today’s mobile environment, everything that users can do to move data easily and effectively is a welcome tool. Newer Technology has come up with a novel solution for users looking for large capacity data on-the-go with the Guardian MAXimus Mini. The intent of the MAXimus Mini is to provide the best of both worlds, large capacity and ‘on the …

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Crucial Adrenaline 50GB Caching SSD Announced

Crucial Adrenaline

Combining the attributes of spacious, low-cost mechanical storage with the raw speed of SSDs is becoming a popular pastime for the purveyors of solid state storage. Intel’s Z68 HDD + SSD caching was followed by OCZ’s RevoDrive Hybrid and Synapse solutions. Now it looks as though Crucial is making ready it’s own caching product in a new press release. Dubbed “Adrenaline”, …

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RunCore To Release Three New SSDs Just In Time For CES

RunCore will be adding three new SSDs to its lineup in anticipation of CES this January. The new products will include the Xapear SSD, intended for use in military and government applications, and the Marvell based Falcon drive, designed for those with high performance needs. Also waiting in the wings is a 7 mm variant of their Pro V drive, …

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Micron Reports Growing Flash Demand As Volume Sales Go Up and Memory Price Goes Down

Micron Technology, a major supplier of NAND flash, reported their first fiscal quarter earnings Wednesday evening. While the results were somewhat inconsistent and below analysts’ expectations (DRAM sales are slow), the word of the day when it comes to flash memory is “growth”! In the first quarter, Micron saw an approximately six percent increase in NAND sales. In addition, Micron …

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And Then There Were Three – Seagate Completes Acquisition Of Samsung’s Hard Drive Division

Seagate has announced that it has completed the acquisition of Samsung’s hard drive division. The transaction will go through for $1.4 billion. By gaining Samsung’s assets, Seagate will be sitting pretty in the HDD industry with a 40 percent market share. In 2010, Seagate sold 195.2 million units while Samsung let go of around 66 million units. Included in the …

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SSD Prices Down Dramatically in Q4-11

Prices are Dropping

Idealo News, a UK and European price comparison site, has mined its own data to analyze SSD pricing during the 4th quarter of 2011. Prices have been steadily declining from September to December of this year while 2.5 HDDs pricing continues to skyrocket as a result of Thailand flooding. This is very good news for the SSD consumer who will …

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Super Talent Announces High Performing External USB 3.0 SSD

Super Talent, well known for their high performance memory products and various storage solutions, is today releasing a superspeed USB SSD in capacities of 60GB, 120GB and 240GB. The Storage Pod Mini will perform faster than many internal hard drives, being able to achieve read and write speeds of 260 MB/s and 174 MB/s respectively, and of course is a …

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A*Star and Seiko Team Up For Super Small 5mm Tablet Hybrid HDD

Seiko today announces a partnership with A*STAR to develop key internal parts for a planned new hybrid HDD/SSD drive that will come in at 2.5 in form factor, and an astounding 5mm thickness! This new hybrid drive will be developed for the tablet market and will be the first release of such a form factor available to tablet manufacturers, whereas …

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