Razer’s Blade Notebook Gets 256GB SSD Infusion & No Price Increase-Magnetic Storage Gets Benched

Razer, well known for their gaming mice and high performance PC peripherals, has today announced a last minute upgrade to their upcoming blade line of gaming laptops.

The enhanced notebook will now contain a 256 GB SSD, which replaces a 320 GB mechanical drive. Razer has made it very clear that the integration of an SSD will not affect pricing in the least. They also made it a point to state that this type of upgrade would add around $300 to $500 to a similar purchase from Dell or Apple.

Unfortunately, because of the last minute change, Razer has stated that they won’t be able to secure enough SSDs until around mid January. Regardless, this is great news for potential buyers, even with the slight capacity decrease. Higher performance and lower power consumption are both traits that are highly desirable in a laptop. Gamers should be especially appreciative, as the faster loads and longer battery life will net them more playtime.

Coming right off the heels of news of HDD shortages, this is very interesting news. Could Razer be among the first companies to be feeling the pressure of declining HDD output? The fact that this change is coming at the eleventh hour will probably raise more than a few eyebrows. The lack of any kind of price increase certainly won’t do much to quell suspicions either. Razer made no comments implicating HDD shortages as a reason for the zero hour change, however.

Regardless, if this is a sign of things to come, I can’t say I’ll be complaining. If the coming year sees more product changes similar in nature to Razer’s, the ones that stand to reap the greatest benefits are consumers. That, I think we can all agree, is what really matters. The new year is shaping up to be a happy one for the SSD industry and end users alike!

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