A*Star and Seiko Team Up For Super Small 5mm Tablet Hybrid HDD

Seiko today announces a partnership with A*STAR to develop key internal parts for a planned new hybrid HDD/SSD drive that will come in at 2.5 in form factor, and an astounding 5mm thickness!

This new hybrid drive will be developed for the tablet market and will be the first release of such a form factor available to tablet manufacturers, whereas previously, hybrid drives have not been thin enough to merit such consideration.

Many of today’s tablets rely solely on flash memory, which can keep capacity low, and costs high. By blending the HDD with SSD technology and adaptive caching of hot data, this type of drive will allow tablet makers some new capacity points for users.

Can you imagine having HDD capacity in small mobile devices? I certainly can, and with the explosion of mobile devices that is currently taking shape as consumers migrate to portable devices, this could be a huge market for Seiko and A*STAR.

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