RunCore To Release Three New SSDs Just In Time For CES

RunCore will be adding three new SSDs to its lineup in anticipation of CES this January. The new products will include the Xapear SSD, intended for use in military and government applications, and the Marvell based Falcon drive, designed for those with high performance needs.

Also waiting in the wings is a 7 mm variant of their Pro V drive, which will feature read and write speeds of 540MB/s and 500MB/s. This product is being aimed aimed squarely at ultrabooks, which are becoming ever more popular.

Expect other SSD manufacturers to set their sights on this fledgling market as well.

I guess RunCore believes there really should be something for everyone, even if they aren’t in time for the holiday season. It seems CES is close enough though, and with the prolific event not far off, expect a whole slew of new product releases at the beginning of the new year, especially when it comes to SSDs, this latest news likely being just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s true, CES does tend to set the tone for the rest of the year, and if announcements like this one are par for the course this January, CES 2012 will indeed be an exceptionally fruitful affair for the storage industry. This is the perfect time for solid state storage to gain a significant amount of market share, though with HDD supplies reportedly on the rise, there may well be a limited window of opportunity for SSD companies to take action.

With any luck, the major players will realize that and do all they can to capitalize on what may be their only shot to gain significant ground in the struggle against their magnetic counterparts. Being successful in that goal will almost certainly mean SSD pricing will have to be more aggressive than it’s ever been in an attempt to win over as many new customers as possible. Here’s hoping that the coming weeks will see the realization of the coup d’état that we’ve all been waiting for since October. It may be now or never.

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    Safe to assume RunCore already has non-enterprise 2281’s with 32nm toggle nand or are they holding off like some ssd makers and waiting for the new 24nm toggle production to ramp up so they’ll be a bit cheaper. Sux that drives with the new toggle will take a performance hit in the random writes even tho seq reads benefit. :/

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