SSD Prices Down Dramatically in Q4-11

Idealo News, a UK and European price comparison site, has mined its own data to analyze SSD pricing during the 4th quarter of 2011.

Prices have been steadily declining from September to December of this year while 2.5 HDDs pricing continues to skyrocket as a result of Thailand flooding. This is very good news for the SSD consumer who will reap the rewards of better value and higher performance.

If the current trend were to continue, SSDs could equalize on a price per GB basis with notebook HDDs in as little as 300 days, even when looking at pre-flood HDD pricing.  While it seems improbable, SSD prices have been plummeting since their inception, so price parity could come sooner rather than later no matter what.

Idealos price investigation was based on 35 consumer SSDs.  Their data shows price decreases from September 1, but a large 10% decrease during the last two weeks of October.  Average prices slid 5% more throughout November for a combined 15% drop between October 14 and December 1.  In stark contrast, 2.5 HDD prices per GB have increased 70% during the same 6 week window.

While flooding has seriously affected all HDD pricing, notebook HDDs are made in Thailand almost exclusively whereas 3.5 mechanicals are manufactured in several other countries as well.

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