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The SSD Optimization Guide Redesigned

LATEST UPDATE 19 Feb 18 WITH: The SSD Reviewers Guide to SSD Optimization 2018 (click link) PREVIOUS UPDATE ON 23 FEB 13 WITH: The SSD Optimization Guide Ultimate Windows 8 (and Win7) Edition [LINK] Welcome to The SSD Review and congratulations on finding the internets most sought after resource in the optimization of solid state drives; The SSD Optimization Guide. …

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Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home Network Storage System Review – NAS At Its Finest

External drives have given rise to NAS (Network-Attached Storage). Accessing and accumulating data at one central location has become all the rage, as HTPC, media streaming, and HDTV-ready devices and technologies have become more affordable, and thus have made the push into the homes of consumers. Our report today will examine the Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Home Network Storage System and, …

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Mach Xtreme Releases MX-KATANA, Creating Solid State Competition For The MacBook Air

Mach Xtreme Technology, well known for their extensive SSD product line, has announced the release of their low-profile 6Gb/s MX-KATANA Series of drives, which have been developed specifically with cramped quarters in mind. This means they should be a perfect complement to mobile devices such as Apple’s MacBook Air. Being LSI Sandforce based, the new products will offer Read/Write speeds of up to …

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New Tech Reviews for May 1, 2012, From our Affiliates Worldwide

Can you believe it is already May?  Four months have completely slipped by. I found a definition of ‘May’ that I want to highlight – ‘the springtime of life; youth’… To me it’s about new beginnings, fresh starts. There is the old addage – April showers, bring May flowers. That being said, I thought the Highlight Review below was a …

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Permabit’s Albireo Dedupe Technology Lowers The Cost Of Enterprise Flash

Permabit’s Albireo Data deduplication technology is now supporting enterprise level flash technologies. By deduplicating data before it ever hits the flash, Permabit is claiming it can reduce the cost of enterprise flash storage by 5x to 35x. Not because the enterprise solid state device is somehow cheaper thanks to Albireo, but because you don’t need as much flash to hold an …

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