Biwin Adapts NovaChips Bugatti SSD Controller For 10 Channel 6Gbps SSD Performance First

One of the first Computex announcements couldn’t wait and it just so happens to be a SATA 3 SSD first!  If you remember back a few months, we were one of the first to let you in on a company called Novachips who were about to release a new SATA 3 controller into the SSD world.

Fast forward to today and we are happy to announce that the new Novachips Bugatti SSD controller has found a home with Biwin in their new enterprise class NuvoDrive NX SSD family.

What is particularly interesting about this release is the fact that the NovaChips Bugatti NVS3600A controller is based on a 10 channel architecture, unlike present SATA 3 SSDs which are either 4 or 8 channel.  To the laymen who hasn’t a clue what we are talking about, imagine driving down a 4 lane highway in rush hour.  Now imagine if it was 10 lanes, vice 4.

The NuvoDrive NX will be available in capacities of 80, 160 and 300GB and reported specifications display performance above 500MB/s for both read and write with 80,000 4k random write IOPS when evaluating in both compressible and incompressible data.

The Biwin NuvoDrive NX offers superior write speed compared to existing SATA III SSDs. Its advantage increases in small block random writes. And it beats competing SSDs hands down in 4K random write operations for incompressible data. Technology innovations like the 10-channel controller architecture and beefy DRAM cache make this performance possible.  says Joe James, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing, Biwin America.


The background of the Bugatti and NovaChips is a bit interesting actually.  At one point in early SSD architecture, the Indilinx ‘Barefoot’ was believed to be one of the best third party SATA II controllers available. After Barefoot came out, and before OCZ acquired IndiLinx, the lead design engineer, Daniel Kim, left IndiLinx to found Novachips in 2009 and develop a SATA III controller. Fast forward a few years, and now we have the Novachips Bugatti.

Could we have a new LSI SandForce rival???


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    with more channels, does that mean its closer to saturate 6gbps speed? tbh, the 80k iops isnt that impressive consider the ssds nowadays are mostly capable of at least that much. i mean 80k iops is pretty high, but i would love to see some numbers in the 90s or 100k range.

  2. blank

    Intels G2 BA0 controller had 10 channels or pipelines, the only controller I know that’s had that many up until now, that’s probably one of the reasons it was competitive for so long.


    • blank

      Yes it was great as a SATA 2 example. Nice to hear from ya Pommie!

      • blank

        Nice to hear from you Les the sites great by the way, I also wonder whether Intels 6Gb/s controller used on the Hitachi enterprise drive has 10 channels, it wouldn’t surprise me if it had, wonder why Sandforce and Crucial went with only eight, those extra channels make a difference.

        Still disappointed Intel doesn’t use it’s own 6Gb/s controller, they are so good at developing controllers.

        Nice to hear from you again.


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    10 channel is the smarter way to fast forward home during rush hour!

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    Production date?

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