RunCore InVincible SSD Can Destroy Your Flash for the Ultimate in Data Security

RunCore has a solution for your SSD data security needs: physically destroying the flash. It’s an extreme solution, but one that may be necessary for military and sensitive deployments.

It has a less drastic secure erase and overwrite option too, but that may not be good enough for some defense needs or may take longer than physical destruction. RunCore claims that it overwrites the drive with “meaningless code” after erasure to effectively render the chances of data recovery nil. Either way, data security is first and foremost with the new InVincible SSDs.

The InVincible can physically destroy the NAND by over-volting, essentially an electric chair for your NAND. By pressing one of two switches, users can choose their data destruction technique. One switch pumps far more voltage than the NAND can handle and destroys the structures inside the flash ICs, making recovery of any data virtually impossible. The other switch can initiate the non-destructive erasure technique.

The SATA II drive has a special SATA power and signal cable harness which also possess the special buttons. Attached via cables, the red button activates the NAND destruct sequence and the green button performs the secure erase/overwrite technique. Either way, the chances of recovering any data are next to impossible.

The InVincible line of products encompasses a variety of form factors, interfaces, and NAND types. Principally geared toward the industrial and military sectors, the InVincible line is also available in a CompactFlash card for sensitive mobile devices and video recording applications.


  1. I wonder what will meaningless code look like.

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