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Tech Review for June 19, 2012

They are calling for a ‘heat wave’ in Toronto, Ontario.  Apparently, we have a name for 3 days in a row that are above 30 degrees celsius. I just spent 3 days in China, average temperature was 32.  Better yet, I followed that with 7 days in Taiwan and  the average temperature there was 35 degrees. Bring on summer!  The only thing better than 3 …

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Tech Reviews for May 24, 2012

Read today how the latest big Canadian Lottery winner, $50,000,000.00, is planning to continue working.  Crazy! I have to admit that, yes I would want to keep busy. but I would so be taking at least a year off to travel the world with those who meant the most to me.  With that much money you could take each person, …

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The SSD Optimization Guide Redesigned

LATEST UPDATE 19 Feb 18 WITH: The SSD Reviewers Guide to SSD Optimization 2018 (click link) PREVIOUS UPDATE ON 23 FEB 13 WITH: The SSD Optimization Guide Ultimate Windows 8 (and Win7) Edition [LINK] Welcome to The SSD Review and congratulations on finding the internets most sought after resource in the optimization of solid state drives; The SSD Optimization Guide. …

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Crucial M4 256GB SSD At All Time Low Price Point

The fact that Crucial would be a leader in competitive SSD pricing has been front and center for quite some time now. In fact, only a few days ago we posted what we thought to be a great deal on the Crucial M4 128GB SSD as it broke the $1/GB barrier and seemed to be a sign of things to …

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Reviews from the Affiliate Tech Team Worldwide for May 3, 2012

Individual or team player, which are you? Sitting here watching the third overtime period of the Washington Capitals and New York Rangers NHL playoff game and thought it was a good question to ask. There is really nothing wrong either way.  I consider myself a team player. Found a review to highlight, that is kind of about being a teamplayer or …

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