Open The Doors For The SSD Driven Ultra Portable!!

Its been some time in the making but manufacturers have opened their doors yesterday to the worlds new lines of ultra portable SSD configured laptops. You may remember our review of The Samsung Series 9 earlier this year where we were able to give you just a hint of what we think will be in store for those hoping to buy into the ultra craze.

The Series 9 admittedly is a stunning example of what we would like to see but, unfortunately, has suffered wifi connectifity problems since its release that many still complain about.

These problems appear to be part and parcel to the aluminum shell we are seeing on new S9 laptops and hope this hasn’t carried on similarly to others.  For the Series 9 specifically, this was a great opportunity to introduce their new PM800 mPCIe SSD which showed great performance in our Samsung PM800 128GB SSD Review.  This was bettered just a bit by Runcores T50 introduction of the mPCIE SATA III ‘SandForce based mPCIe making speeds of parallel 500MB/s transfer possible in just about any ultra with a mPCIe slot.

What we can expect though is the power of Intel’s i3, i5 and i7 series processors which make the possibility of SATA III SSDs very viable and, after all, wouldn’t it be sweet owning an ultra capable of speeds in excess of 500MB/s read and write?

Gorgeous aluminum shells, both 11 and 13″ configurations, 4-8GB RAM, great graphics, longer battery life as well as a ‘paperthin’ appearance seem to be commonplace with the new ultra portables and we have NO DOUBT that Mac is about to get a true run for its money.

After all, why pay so much more for lesser specs right?

We would NEVER believe that someone would simply accept a higher premium and less value because of a name alone?  In any case, follow along as we sift through the great selection of ultraportables and choose what we feel would be the best selection for The SSD Review as we are ‘darned tootin’ NOT going to be the only press at CES in January sitting in the press room without a Mac without good reason!

Gotta admit, we are still waiting for some news on the Series 9 however the Acer S3 and new Asus shown above truly are contenders!  Our ultimate, however, is to find a ultra capable of SandForce speeds and storage capacities of 512GB or higher!


We just wanted to point out that we are always open to receipt of ultra samples for evaluation and review.  Who knows, maybe your system will be touted by The SSD Review as being one of the best and capable of worldwide travel with us in the upcoming year!!!  What better publicity could one ask for?


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