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Tech Affiliate Reviews for August 16, 2012

Well it’s time to get the kids, teens and young adults ready for the next year/semester of school. Fading out are the days of purchasing scribblers, dou-tangs, binders  and all that writing material. Now we’re tasked with finding the right laptop or IPAD. I hope that the tech reviews we are completing or sharing through our site will help you make …

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Open The Doors For The SSD Driven Ultra Portable!!

Its been some time in the making but manufacturers have opened their doors yesterday to the worlds new lines of ultra portable SSD configured laptops. You may remember our review of The Samsung Series 9 earlier this year where we were able to give you just a hint of what we think will be in store for those hoping to …

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Consignment stock – ticking time bomb for Acer/HP? @ Kitguru

Consignment stock “ ticking time bomb for Acer/HP? As the world comes to terms with the channel choke saga, additional far-reaching effects are also coming to light. The potential time bomb here concerns the way that larger stores do business. KitGuru heads to the shop floor to try and understand the cash flow battle between DSG and multi-nationals like Acer …

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