Samsung 950 Pro M.2 NVME SSD Review (256/512GB) – The NVMe Effect


Crystal Disk Benchmark is visually straightforward, and is used for measuring the speeds at which your storage device reads and writes in both compressible (oFill/1Fill) and random, mostly incompressible, data. Random data is more consistent with everyday use of a computer, such as transferring videos, pictures and music. We run the benchmark twice, using oFill data first, and then proceeding to test with random data. Since results typically return with nearly identical scores, we only include the results for random data samples.

Samsung SSD 950 Pro 256GB M2 Crystal DiskmarkSamsung 950 Pro NVMe 512GB SSD Crystal DiskMark 2

While the Crystal Diskmark result of the 512GB 950 is dead on, that of the 256GB version is a bit surprising as the high sequential read result of 2.302MB/s is well above the specification listed 1500MB/s. As well, it is great to see low 4K random write performance above 200MB/s finally become commonplace with SSDs.


AS SSD Benchmark uses incompressible data in their testing of SSDs, essentially providing results that would be consistent with using the heaviest workload, thus lower speeds are expected.

Samsung SSD 950 Pro 256GB M2 AS SSD BenchSamsung 950 Pro 512GB M2 SSD AS SSD Bench 1Benchmark speeds drop just a bit with AS SSD as we are testing with incompressible data and, for the most part, these results are as they should be.

Samsung SSD 950 Pro 256GB M2 AS SSD IOPSSamsung 950 Pro 512GB M2 SSD AS SSD IOPS 1


Checking out the Copy Benchmark below, it is pretty remarkable that, in both tests, the ISO file was transferred in 6/10ths of a second.

Samsung SSD 950 Pro 256GB M2 AS SSD Copy BenchmarkSamsung 950 Pro 512GB M2 SSD AS SSD Copy Benchmark 1


Anvil Storage Utilities is essentially an all-in-one tool for all of your SSD benchmarking needs. Anvil can be used for basic consumer testing, as well as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests. It displays data regarding the SSD, and even about your system.

Samsung SSD 950 Pro 256GB M2 Anvil

Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M2 SSD Anvil

We thought we might get a bit deeper into Anvil Storage utilities and did a few custom tests where we saw much better IOPS.

Samsung SSD 950 M2 512GB SSD Anvil 318K Read IOPSSamsung SSD 950 M2 512GB SSD Anvil 101K Write IOPS

We are only displaying that of the 512GB, however, the 256GB version fairly well and attained 279K IOPS read and 76K IOPS write.