Maingear Releases Six Core Laptop With 1.8TB Of SSD Storage

Maingear, well known for their high performance custom PCs, has announced the release of their Titan 17 gaming laptop.

Fully decked out, this beast will include a Core i7-3960x, 32 GB of ram, 2 Geforce GTX 580Ms in SLI, each with a 2GB framebuffer and, the star of this show, 1.8 TB of SSD storage. In this configuration, the brimming behemoth will cost you a cool $9000 or so, give or take a couple hundred depending on whether or not you include certain software and peripherals.

Honestly, when your laptop costs as much as a cheap car, I really can’t imagine worrying about an extra hundred dollars here and there, but I digress.

When it comes to the massive amount of solid state storage, it will be implemented as 3 600GB Intel 320 drives. I know, it’s a SATA 2 SSD and with newly released Cherryville, the 320 really does seem to be quite conventional by comparison. What redeems this seemingly illogical choice is the fact that Intel’s 320 is their only current SSD to offer capacities of 600GB and thus the only game in town if Maingear wants to hit that 1.8TB mark. In addition, the fact that these are SATA 2 SSDs shouldn’t really matter too much, as consumers will no doubt have the option of putting the drives in a RAID configuration which will saturate the Southbridge’s available data throughput without breaking a sweat.

Also, Maingear offers Sata 3 drives for those who don’t require such staggering amounts of solid state storage, though Intel’s new 520 is conspicuously absent from the list of choices. Hopefully, before long, Maingear will offer what is arguably the best SSD available on the market today as an option for their new baby, bringing it just a little bit closer to perfection.


Now, I’m not saying they have to include the 520, but considering how Intel’s new offspring has made a lot of other products irrelevant in many people’s eyes, it definitely seems like it would be a wise decision.


Overall, Maingear’s Titan 17 looks to have all the makings of a market success. With the inclusion of the aforementioned omission, its must have status will be cemented that much more. Of course, enough cash is a must have as well. Maybe there really is a way to put those upcoming super tax refunds to good use……..


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    To bad its like 10″ thick and probably 50 pounds

  2. blank

    Built on Clevo barebones P270WM

    Sager has their NP9270 built on the same Clevo P270WM

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    Maybe a good candidate for a new “cash for clunkers” (HDD’s) program!

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    now only if that system had something Windows 11 from future……

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