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Apple’s Court Judgement Against Samsung Slashed By $450 Million

U.S. District Court Judge Lucy Koh has ruled that $450 million of the original $1.05 billion judgement awarded to Apple by the jury was based on “impermissible legal theory.”  Just like that, what would have been history largest patent trail award was nearly halved. The original case was ultimately decided on 28 infringing products.  Judge Koh is ordering a new …

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BitFenix Prodigy Case Review – Mini-ITX Done To Perfection

Much of modern day and future technology is focusing on making products smaller and smaller, yet still completely functional and easy to use. For personal computing, the thinking is reverse, as more people prefer to have mid-sized or XL-sized cases and builds for full functionality. It makes sense, and until recently, mini builds were typically utilized as NAS units, home …

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Samsung’s New eMMC Pro Class 1500 Leverages Toggle 2.0 To Accelerate Mobile Devices

Samsung has started producing the fastest embedded flash/controller combination around for mobile devices like phones and tablets. Based on their new 2xnm Toggle 2.0 flash, the embedded processor and NAND (referred to as an enhanced multimedia card, or eMMC for short) should greatly enhance storage speeds of phones, tablets, and a bewildering array of other small devices. This newest eMMC, the …

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