SSD Powered Modbook Pro Release Imminent As Solid State Costs Continue To Drop

Modbook Inc., well known for their feature packed tablet alternatives, has announced that their Modbook Pro will achieve general availability on November 16. For those who don’t know, Modbook’s new opus allows users to install full versions of Mac OS X and Windows, providing buyers with far greater potential utility than 1st party offerings could ever hope to ( for now anyway). When the Modbook Pro does finally enter the channel, it will carry an MSRP of $3,499.

Of particular interest to us at TheSSDReview is the fact that Modbook Pro will come in a standard configuration which includes a 64GB SSD, and provides potential buyers the option to increase that capacity up to 480GB. Now, Apple’s offering provides a maximum capacity 64GB, helping reinforce the fact that these two products really are in very separate categories when it comes to things like price/performance and target market. The truth is, those willing to do without the advanced flexibility of a desktop OS in exchange for a tablet sized price may wish to look elsewhere. Another interesting tidbit is the fact that Modbook is employing their own SSD design in their products. Dubbed Nishara and Sanshara, the two designations appear to be based on different platforms, as Sanshara uses 7% overprovisiong, while Nishara does not. I wonder, could it be that Modbook has adopted LSI/Sandforce for use in their SSDs? It’s hard to say for certain, but even if they are following in the path of Corsair’s Neutron, users will be in good hands.

Moving on to another issue, I have to wonder how Apple feels about Modbook repurposing their MacBook Pro for use as a tablet. Never mind innovation, if Apple believes Modbook poses a potential threat to their all-star product line, I can’t help but think they will retaliate with all the legal force they can muster; they’ve done it before, and I’m sure they’ll have no issue setting an example one more time. The fact is, when Steve Jobs returned so many years ago, one of the prerequisites of their new business model was that all Mac clones had to be eliminated from the market place. Seeing as Modbook is merely a retooling of actual Mac hardware, I’m not really sure it qualifies as a clone per se. In any case, it will definitely be interesting to see how the situation plays out in the months and years to come, and what Apple’s response will be if Modbook lives up to it’s full market potential.

All in all, it appears Modbook has an excellent offering on it’s hands which should make any potential buyers very happy customers indeed. I’m sure the integration of an SSD in the standard configuration will play no small role in end user satisfaction and may, in fact, be the tipping point for those considering this type of product. In a broader sense, it seems that SSDs have become par for the course when comes to tablets and the rest of the ultra mobile PC market. This, of course, is perfectly fine, as it will serve to drive down prices in the solid state industry as a whole, helping spread joy throughout the land.


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