MacBook Air First Out Of The Gate With Blazing PCIe Speeds of 790MB/s Read and 760MB/s Write

If you were wondering who would be at the front of the pack with PCIe storage speed laptops, wonder no more.  A great release early this morning by Anand shows the new MacAir as having been upgraded to Haswell and SSDs being PCIe based, with what appears to be a Samsung PCIe SSD within.  The SSD appears to be a PCIe 2.0 x 2 solution, capable of a max 1GB/s transfer performance and graphics have also been upgraded to the Intel HD5000 series.

Screen Shot 2013-06-10 at 6.51.36 PM_678x452

 The first to admit I have never been an Apple fan, our overview of last years MacAir, and subsequent SSD comparison, did a great job getting me to realign my thoughts somewhat.  I relied on the MacAir in a dual boot mode until my son procured it for his travel and schooling in Australia earlier this year and it is definitely one of the best builds to be found in an ultra solution, although I admittedly used OSX only for such things as entertainment and learning.  Last but not least, Apples pricing has unexpectedly remained where it was as can be seen here and this just might be a great factor for purchase, in addition to that sheer storage power craved by so many media professionals.

A quick call to an old friend after reading Anands piece has a new MBA on the way for our testing and you can  look forward to our review in the near future, however, head over to the Anandtech article for now as they have more complete coverage on the overall outlook.


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    I feel the same way. This machine is DEFINITELY worth a second look!

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    Wow. These specs are incredible. Is this for real? These crazy fast speeds and 12hr power usage on 13″???

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